Nestori Boats & Yachts presents:

Ischia: Myths and Legends from Greek Times

Ischia, the largest among the islands in the Neapolitan Archipelago, has been renowned since times immemorial for its unique beauty. The island's initial settlers were the ancient Greeks, who bestowed upon it the name Pithecusa. In keeping with the noble calling and heritage of its forefathers, Ischia still exudes this historical significance.

Travel back in time with us through profound and deeply meaningful myths and legends tied to the historical happenings that have shaped the island and its very morphology, making it the haven of well-being we so love today.

Nestori Boats & Yachts, a purveyor of luxury sea experiences with a commitment to well-being, invites you to join our exclusive boat tours along a cultural itinerary of Ischia and Procida. We aim to revive the valorous narratives that once stirred the hearts of generations as we travel around these magnificent coastal areas.

The valiant deeds of ancient heros and rich mythology which permeate these coasts may hold for us today, more than ever, a message of hope, resilience, love and courage which inspire all those who are fortunate to visit and immerse themselves in this corner of paradise.