Take courage

A mysterious cave on the southern coast of Ischia is said to be the haunt of a legendary magician who will grant three wishes to anyone with a pure heart who dares to enter its depths.


On the southern coast of Ischia, lies a singular place – a sea cave steeped in mystery and otherwordly beauty. It sets the stage for our next tale,
where love, magic, and resilience come to life.
Known as the Magician's Cave or Grotta del Mago in Italian, it derives its name from the accounts of local fishermen who used to seek shelter within its depths during storms. The fishermen told of encounters with an enigmatic elder with a long beard and flowing white hair surrounded by nymphs.
Being a sage and a wiseman, the magician would welcome anyone who was in need of help. Among his protégées was a young Saracen princess destined by her family to marry the Grand Vizier. Legend has it that the princess, enamored with a Christian prince, defied her family and tried to elope with her beloved. However, he was captured and imprisoned by the Grand Vizier.

The princess didn't lose heart and weathered the elements, reaching the cave to seek the Magician's aid in rescuing her prince. Touched by the pure sentiment of the princess, the Magician employed his magical arts to help her reunite with her love inside that very cave.

It is said that the magician's spirit still inhabits the vaulted chambers of the cave, granting three wishes to those who enter with the purest of intentions.

As you admire the cave's dazzling blue waters, this tale beckons you to embrace the magic of wishing with sincerity. You have the potential to manifest positive change – what transformations will your wishes unveil?


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