Overcoming Adversity

Discover Ischia's Stone Ship: a rock formation in the Bay of Citara tied to the heroic journey of Ulysses. Uncover the island's historical connection to the Phaeacians and their role in the Odyssey.


A mysterious rock formation emerges from the waters off the Bay of Citara, whispering of legendary feats from a bygone age.

Just meters from the coast lies a large rock shaped like a ship, echoing the epic tales of Homer's Odyssey and its valiant hero, Ulysses. Ulysses, the noble king of Ithaca in Greece, faced a perilous journey across the Mediterranean, compelled by the Gods he had angered. In the final part of his epic ten-year journey, he landed on Scheria, the enchanting island of
the Phaeacians, before finally returning to his beloved homeland of Ithaca.

Many historians identify the island of the Phaeacians with present-day Ischia. The rock near Citara, known as Stone Ship, is believed to symbolize one of the final challenges faced by Ulysses. The hero sailed to Ischia where king Alcinous provided him with a ship to return to Ithaca.

Yet, Poseidon's fury, unleashed against Ulysses for blinding his son Polyphemus, turned the ship into stone just off the coast of Citara.

The hero found himself shipwrecked on the shores of Scheria, a name which would later be associated with Ischia. The King of the Phaeacians, moved by his tale and touched by his resilience, had Ulysses, still asleep, transported back to his beloved Ithaca.

Ischia emerges as a prestigious thread in the Odyssey's illustrious narrative. As modern travellers explore the island, they discover not just a physical location but a living connection to the timeless odyssey of human endurance, reminding us that Ischia is not merely a destination but a cherished chapter in the grand narrative of human resilience and exploration.


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