Explore Ischia, the Neapolitan Archipelago's jewel in the crown, rooted in ancient Greek lore.

Nestori Boats & Yachts invites you on an exclusive cultural voyage of the island's awe-inspiring coastline, where past and present come together in a unique natural setting.

Discover Ischia's Greek heritage and uncover timeless narratives which hold an enduring message of hope and lasting values for modern-day travellers.

Ischia Grottos

Get to know and explore the most beautiful and captivating Ischias Grottos embarking on a boat tour around the island of Ischia.

Typhoeus, the Rebellious Giant

Ischia's distinct volcanic landscape and therapeutic springs, steeped in mythology, are attributed to Typhoeus, the rebellious giant whose fiery nature sculpted the island's beauty

Bold Gerone I of Syracuse

Discover Ischia's castle built on a rocky islet in the sea - a warrior's legacy imprinted on the island's scenery, and a perennial source of inspiration and beauty

Take courage

A mysterious cave on the southern coast of Ischia is said to be the haunt of a legendary magician who will grant three wishes to anyone with a pure heart who dares to enter its depths.

Overcoming Adversity

Discover Ischia's Stone Ship: a rock formation in the Bay of Citara tied to the heroic journey of Ulysses. Uncover the island's historical connection to the Phaeacians and their role in the Odyssey.

Eternal Love

A unique geological formation in the waters of Lacco Ameno tells the tale of two fated young lovers, and stands as a perpetual reminder of the significance of love amidst life's unpredictable challenges.

Nestor's Cup

Our yachting company, inspired by the exceptional archaeological find of Nestor's Cup on the shores of Ischia, offers tailor-made sea tours which echo a timeless pursuit of elegance and grace.