Eternal Love

A unique geological formation in the waters of Lacco Ameno tells the tale of two fated young lovers, and stands as a perpetual reminder of the significance of love amidst life's unpredictable challenges.


Once you round the Bay of San Montano, the harbour of Lacco Ameno comes into view. In its waters sits a distinctive mushroom-shaped tufa rock. As observers along the marina and at sea pause to admire its peculiar shape, the inspiring tale that surrounds its origins serves as a source of great insight.

Local lore speaks of a clandestine romance as the origin of this very special rock. Two young lovers, opposed by their families, eloped in the hope of consuming their love and finally marrying. The couple set out to sea attempting a daring escape but met a fateful end as the high waves enveloped them.

Mother Nature placed the tufa rock at sea as a display of compassion for the young islanders' love for each other. Eroded by the passage of time and the rhythmic caress of the sea, this rock stands as a perpetual guardian, preserving the essence of the star-crossed lovers for eternity.

As the tragic tale of the young lovers echoes through the waters where they found their final embrace, modern travellers in Lacco Ameno are reminded of the fragility and beauty of love. The mushroom-shaped rock stands as a poignant testament, urging us to cherish our moments of connection and appreciate the enduring significance of love, even amidst life's unpredictable tides.


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