Nestori Boats & Yachts is a passionate Italian family operating in the Yachting business since 1980’s.

The founder Umberto serving as Yacht Captain all around the Mediterranean Sea, he inspired the eldest son Giuseppe to follow his career at sea.

Giuseppe has been working as Deck Officer for Carnival Cruise Lines all around the world: from Mediterranean Sea to South America, from West Africa to Caribbean, from Hawaii to Alaska and so many other places of the earth.

In 15 years overseas, fascinated from the beauty of the world and after having met so many different cultures, Giuseppe finally decided to settle down in Ischia and help his family business Nestori Boats & Yachts.

Nestori Boats & Yachts name origin is from the Greek myth that surrounds the island of Ischia, the Nestor’s Cup.

In 1955 the archaeologist Giorgio Buchner by the small beach of San Montano Bay found a cup of extremely precious and historical value, the Nestor’s Cup.
The cup’s origins aren’t clear, two legends go around it, but it hides a detail related to Aphrodite goddess of beauty.

“Nestor's cup [was] certainly pleasant to drink; but whoever drinks from this cup will immediately be seized by the desire of Aphrodite with the beautiful crown.”

Aphrodite's essence lies in the core of self-love and acceptance enchanting allure and divine beauty and through her inspiration, we learnt about to nurture our relationships, foster compassion, and create bonds that withstand the tests of time.
Nestori Boats & Yachts, inspired from Aphrodite goddess, does business with the mission to offer wellness experiences and creating moments of leisure, fun and remarkable emotions, through the Authentic Italian lifestyle with a boat at sea.