Ischia Grottos

Get to know and explore the most beautiful and captivating Ischias Grottos embarking on a boat tour around the island of Ischia.

Ischia is famous for its large and sandy beaches, but at the same time it is also known for its caves located on the southern side of the island.
The most beautiful in our opinion is the green cave located to the south-east near Punta della Cannuccia, the cave can only be reached by sea by boat, but it is only by swimming that you can enjoy its immense beauty.
Going further inland you reach a small inlet with very shallow water and a sandy bottom. Here, thanks to the sunlight and the reflections of the water, a particular and evocative phenomenon is created: the skin is colored an intense green.
La Grotta del Mago also known as the Sibyl's Cave, is located in the south-eastern part of the island, with a semicircle shape and is surrounded by many legends: apparitions of splendid girls, or of an old "magician".
If you desire to discover and explore these caves you can book a boat tour with us.

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